Afghan-Australian Intercollegiate Sixth Debate Round

Debate without borders

Debate without borders is an international debate tournament conducted fully over skype. it began in 2013 and continues to this day. we are excited to announce that in 2020, apt partnered with australia’s monash gender, peace, and security centre (monash gps) and monash international affairs society (mias) to organize a series of debates on the role of women, human rights and gender equality issues in the afghan peace process. these policy debates aim to promote women’s active leadership and participation before, during, and after peace negotiations in afghanistan’s peace process.​

Afghan-Australian Intercollegiate Sixth Debate Round

Meet the Team

Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT)


Zahra Karimi

Zahra Karimi is a senior IT student at American University of Afghanistan. Her interest in debating first sparked when she attended a few sessions of debate club in her university. She started debating in 2019 and has joined several debate tournaments at the local level, and ever since has become and remained a debating enthusiast. She has been awarded as best speaker of a show debate in US embassy in November 2019; a prestigious title. Moreover, Zahra has participated in many programs as a volunteer; she has been an epilepsy advocate for the Purple Life Awareness Program; which shows her devotion towards her community. By acquiring many skills that cut across multiple disciplines, such as critical thinking, leadership skills, research, and public speaking strategies, she hopes that she can contribute much more to her community and give back.


Saifullah Atahi

Saifullah Atahi studies mass communication at Kabul University and leads the university’s debate club. He has gotten the champion awards in both Kabul Students Debating Championships in 2019. He has also debated at the Canadian Embassy and European Union. Besides, he is member of the Young Leaders Forum 2020 which is annually organized by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. His passion lies in research on strategic communication particularly the nation-building topic.

Beheshta-min (1)

Beheshta Ahmadi

Hello everyone! I am Beheshta Ahmadi and I am one semester away from graduating from the American University of Afghanistan with a degree in Business Administration/Finance. I have been working with UNESCO as an Administrative Assistant for the past two years. Having to manage both work and job at the same time didn’t quite leave room for any other extracurricular activities besides the occasional sports tournaments. My debating experience started out quite differently than you would expect. The decision to participate in the National Debate Championship in 2018 was not a well-thought out one rather a sudden urge of doing something totally unexpected and spontaneous. My best friend and I entered the competition as individual debaters and somehow, we managed to be National Debate Champion runner-ups. It was an amazing experience and that is when my interest in debating grew. I attended more debating trainings and participated in more debating tournaments such as a debater and as a judge. Currently, I am working with Afghan Progressive Thinking (APT) on one of their new initiatives which I am very excited about. I believe debating helps you grow as a person. It helps you gain multi-faceted knowledge that cuts across several disciplines outside one’s normal academic subjects and learning and boosts your confidence and self-esteem which, trust me, you need to have in this ‘survival of the fittest’ world. So I wish you all the good luck you would need on your debating journeys!


Jamshid Mohammadi

Jamshid Mohammadi is APT’s National Debating Champion for 2018. He also won Intervarsity Debating Championship at Kardan University prior to his national championship. With APT, Jamshid then adjudicated APT’s Millennium National Debate Tournament. He likes to debate due to so many reason of which one is to understand issues from a multifaceted perspective. He is currently a senior student of Political Science and Public Administration at the American University of Afghanistan. As part of his extracurricular activities, he is running Peace and Transitional Justice Club as an executive member.

Monash University


Charlotte Jones

Charlotte is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Global Studies student, who has recently completed a Diploma of Languages (Indonesian). She is passionate about international relations, languages, diplomacy and the intersecting of these areas with Commerce. These passions have led Charlotte to undertake multiple overseas study tours and participate in Model United Nations. The Model UN interest has involved Charlotte attending domestic conferences, being selected on the Monash Harvard WorldMUN Delegation (2020) and being appointed the 2020 MUNash Co-Secretary General.

Salman Yousufi

Salman is currently a first-year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in International Relations and is also completing a Diploma in Languages in Spanish. Salman has a passion in areas of policy, multiculturalism, sustainable development, and humanitarian issues.

Nicole James

Nicole is currently in her final semester of her Master of International Relations and is the President of the Monash Master of International Relations Student Association (MIRSA). As an undergraduate, she completed a Bachelor of Laws/International Studies and was lucky enough to complete a semester at Utrecht University in The Netherlands and went on a study tour to the US during the 2016 US election. Nicole is particularly interested in understanding the ever-changing nature and the trends of global politics and recently completed her research project on the drivers of the rise of populism in Central Eastern Europe.

Malinthi Mallawa

Malinthi is a Law/Arts student majoring in Human Rights. She has studied in Prato as part of her degree and has enjoyed deepening her knowledge on social justice issues and humanitarian law. Her passions have driven her to be awarded for her participation in the Monash MUN conference and to be selected as a delegate to the 2021 NMUN. She looks forward to expanding her studies in international diplomacy and human rights issues in the hopes that she can contribute to making tangible change in the future.