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APT briefed the Security council on the resolution 2250 and resolution 2419 Youth, Peace and Security.


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  • Sohrab Rasouli , Student

    I would like to extend my gratitude as well to Afghans for Progressives thinking Board for sponsoring this event( National debate championship). The dedicated people who serve in this organization are to be commended for the sharing of their resources and time to enhance opportunities for our youth is timely and important.

  • Adil Khan, Student

    APT brings hope and unfolds the true identity of Afghans as people with just the same nature as any other human being on earth – with capacity and potential to do enormous good.

  • Amer Khan, Student

    Now after the debate, I can confidently enter discussions and comment on women and peace topics. I didn’t know many important and underlying causes of war and conflict. I have now informed opinions that make me feel powerful and able for taking action and provoking the people of my surrounding to believe in women’s power to bring about peace in our community”

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