Afghan-Australian Intercollegiate First Debate Round

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Learning Path

Further reading:

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Meet the Team

Afghan for Progressive Thinking (APT)

Zahra Karimi

Zahra Karimi

Zahra holds a bachelor degree of English language and literature from Kabul University. She has been debating and coaching Kabul University Debate Club for three years. Currently, she is teaching English Language. Her passion is becoming an active journalist and writer who will take journalism and media one-step further to its true mission. 

Mustafa Raheal

Mohammad Mustafa Rahea

Mustafa holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Kabul Polytechnic University. He is working as a national program officer for EU- Afghanistan peace support mechanism with Swedish Embassy Kabul. In 2018 he has selected as one of 12 Johnson and johnson scholars and attended OYW world global summit in the Hague Netherlands.

Bahman Shahi

Bahman Shahi

Bahman is a Fulbright scholar with a Master’s in Conflict Transformation and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship from Eastern Mennonite University. Currently, he volunteers with Peacebuilding organizations and work as associate with Acasus, an international consultancy firm.

Suraya Yousifi

Suraya Yosufi

Suraya has done her BBA from American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) in 2016. Suraya is the recipient of UNDP’s Peace Generation Award 2017 for her volunteer program named Afghan Girls Debating Program. She has served as a debate trainer, coach, and adjudicator in Afghanistan and has represented Afghanistan in debate competitions internationally.

Monash University


Adam Brand

Adam is currently a second year Bachelor of Arts/Commerce student at Monash University, majoring in International Relations. He has a passion for learning about international relations and sustainable development. 


Anita Nair

Anita is currently studying Global Studies/Laws (Hons) at Monash University. She has an interest in areas of policy and community development, corporate social responsibility and AI ethics. 


Avita Nair

Anvita is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts/Laws, majoring in International Relations and Politics. She has fostered a keen interest in public policy, more specifically how they intersect to promote equality and increase access to legal services. 


Santino Raftellis

Santino is a fifth year Arts/Laws student, majoring in International Relations and History. He has a passion for international diplomacy, history, and politics, having participated in numerous international Model United Nations Conferences.