Afghan-Australian Intercollegiate Forth Debate Round

Debate without borders

Debate without borders is an international debate tournament conducted fully over skype. it began in 2013 and continues to this day. we are excited to announce that in 2020, apt partnered with australia’s monash gender, peace, and security centre (monash gps) and monash international affairs society (mias) to organize a series of debates on the role of women, human rights and gender equality issues in the afghan peace process. these policy debates aim to promote women’s active leadership and participation before, during, and after peace negotiations in afghanistan’s peace process.​

Afghan - Australian Intercollegiate Forth Debate Round

Meet the Team

Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT)

Afghan-Australian Intercollegiate 4th Debate Round - Our Team 2 (1)

Ajmir Raziqi

is a graduate of English Literature. He joined Kabul University Debate Club in 2017. After having tremendous performances in the tournaments, he was given a voluntary job as debate couch of PKU where he trained young debater. Besides, It was 2018 that he signed a contract with Atarud a Lingua Academic Center as an English instructor, where he soon ended up being senior instructor. As a classmate, teacher and couch, he took every chance-es to empower youth to build their society and think openly and widely.

Afghan-Australian Intercollegiate 4th Debate Round - Our Team

Mahboob Wafaye

Mahboob Wafaye is graduated from law and political science of Kabul University. In 2013, he was representing Afghanistan to Seeds of Peace at United States, as Peace ambassador. On July of 2014, his application was accepted by Seeds of Peace for leadership training. He is a peace activist that seeks to pro-mote peace and culture of non-violence through dialogue and debates. To make this vision true, for past seven years he was collaborating along different organizations, such as Seeds of Peace, New Blown Seeds, to promote culture of non-violence and tolerance. Moreover, his contribution was made toward organizing different programs for youth for capacity building and Leadership, also. To extend his mission, past three years, he not only join Kabul University debate club as debater to start debating, but also he led Kabul University debate club.

Afghan-Australian Intercollegiate 4th Debate Round - Our Team1

Khujasta Ahmadi

Khujasta Ahmadi is a Senior student majoring in Information Technology, with a concentration in Software Engineering. Her general interests include debat-ing, reading, and writing and applied computing. She has been titled as the Na-tional debate Champion in 2018 which reflects her critical thinking. Her adjudi-cation in debate experience includes; Girls Debating Tournament in Kateb uni-versity, and Elite Inter-Varsity Debate Championship in Poly technique universi-ty. She hopes that with the amalgamation of her knowledge she acquires in this field and her interests, she will be able to make a positive contribution to the world of technology.


Aogay Alozai

Aogay Alozai Wardak is a senior Law student at the American University of Afghanistan and has joined the debate club in fall 2019. For her first debate competition, she became the champion of AUAf interuniversity debate competition along with her team. Aogay has also participated in the 26th William C. Vis moot court competition and was the winner of the best oralist award in national rounds and was among the five honorable mentions in the regional rounds of Bahrain. Also, she was selected to participate in SAARC and ICC moot court 2020 competitions to represent Afghanistan.

Monash University


Stephen Christopoulos

Stephen is a third-year Global Studies/Commerce student, specialising in International Relations and Management. He has competed at a variety of Model United Nations competitions, as well as completing an internship at the Greek Consulate in Melbourne. Outside of university, he volunteers as a debate coach and at UN Youth Australia. His key interests include female representation in politics, climate change and youth empowerment. 


Dean Antos

Dean is a fifth year Law/Global Studies student specialising in International Relations. He is passionate about international law, human rights and diplomacy. Dean has attended multiple international Model UN competitions for which he has won awards. This has further developed his passion for public policy and international affairs which he shares as a writer for PIVOT, an online publication.


Lucy Rosenblum

Lucy is in her 6th and final year of a Bachelor of Law and Arts. She has studied at Monash Prato and American University in Washington D.C and was selected to represent Monash at the 2020 NMUN competition. Lucy has spent her years exploring many pathways from Performing Arts to Archaeology but has always found herself drawn back into a true passion for International Relations, particularly Security Studies. Her unique pathway has led to a passion for exploring how the rich histories of various cultures and their unique modes of storytelling can be protected and utilised to maximise meaningful diplomacy.   


Imogen Kane

Imogen is a Global Studies student specialising in International Relations and majoring in History. She has studied at Prato as part of her degree and is a recipient of the Global Scholars Program scholarship in 2020. Imogen won a Position Paper award at the National Model UN conference in 2020, and is passionate about human rights and gender equality in international politics.