Afghan-Australian Intercollegiate Second Debate Round

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Learning Path

Further reading:

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Meet the Team

Afghan for Progressive Thinking (APT)


Hasina Wardak

Hasina Wardak holds a bachelor degree of English Literature from Kabul University. She is currently an undergraduate of Law at American University of Afghanistan. She has started debating since 2019, and received multiple championship’s and best speaker’s awards. Hasina has been working as a debate trainer and judge for a year. Besides, she was the vice president of debate club both at Kabul and American University of Afghanistan.  She has held different positions in different organizations like Asia Foundation, Integrity Watch and ACHRO.  


Dawood Safi

Dawood Safi is an avid youth and peace activist and the founder of Afghanistan Bright Society Organization that aims at youth empowerment through education. For years, Dawood’s activism has focused on youth empowerment through education and has promoted nonviolent communication among the Afghan youth by providing debating, dialogue and public speaking trainings. In 2015, he won the award for Youth Peace Activist of Afghanistan and in 2018; he was selected as the Afghan Youth Ambassador to the United Nations where he gave a speech highlighting the struggles of Afghan youth. Dawood is a Fulbright Scholar and holds a master’s degree in Management and Organizational Development from Eastern Michigan University. He is currently serving as the Senior Program Development Advisor at the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Afghanistan.


Mohammad Azim Kashify

Mohammad Azim Kashify is An Afghan Environment and social Activist, and alumni Chevening Scholar, who is currently leading sustainable development projects related to water in Afghanistan and developing countries. He is also voluntarily leading Water Society and Afghanistan Volunteering National Organization along with his professional job. Kashify started debating while he was pursuing his bachelor degree at Kabul Polytechnic University in 2013 and for the past seven years participated in debate tournament as participant and an adjudicator. 


Nisar Ahmad Anwari

Nisar Ahmad Anwari holds a bachelor’s degree in water resources and environmental engineering from Kabul Polytechnic University. He served as the vice-president of the debate club in university, debate trainer and adjudicator in various debate tournaments, and was selected as Judge of the year in 2018. He is working as Head of Water Resource Engineering Department at the Institute of Energy and Water and as a program coordinator with Youth Thinkers’ Society.)

Monash University


Emina Besirevic

Emina is a fifth year Global Studies/Law student, majoring in International Relations. She has a passion for international humanitarian law and diplomacy, having previously represented Monash at Model UN Conferences and international mock trials.


James Hadjiantoniou

James is a penultimate Arts/Law student with a passion to discuss the advancement of social and human rights. He has participated in multiple international competitions, being awarded the Diplomacy Award at Harvard World Model United Nations (2019), Best Speaker & Winner of the Stary Norton Halphen Senior Criminal Law Moot (2018), and Recipient of the Monash Community Leaders Scholarship (2018).


Hamah Hosen

Hamah is a Global Studies student and is also completing a Diploma in Languages in French. She has an avid interest in policy analysis, humanitarian issues, and global development. She has previously participated in various Model UN Conferences, studied overseas at both Monash Prato and Sciences Po, and presented research at the International Conference for Undergraduate Research.


Francesco Barrese

Francesco is a fourth year Global Studies/Law student, having studied in Mumbai and Prato as part of his International Relations major. He has explored interests of public policy and international diplomacy representing Monash at the 2019 National Model United Nations Competition, in New York, winning the Best Position Paper, Best Delegate, and Peer Awards.