Afghan-Australian Intercollegiate Seventh Debate Round

Debate without borders

Debate without borders is an international debate tournament conducted fully over skype. it began in 2013 and continues to this day. we are excited to announce that in 2020, apt partnered with australia’s monash gender, peace, and security centre (monash gps) and monash international affairs society (mias) to organize a series of debates on the role of women, human rights and gender equality issues in the afghan peace process. these policy debates aim to promote women’s active leadership and participation before, during, and after peace negotiations in afghanistan’s peace process.​

Afghan - Australian Intercollegiate Seventh Debate Round

Meet the Team

Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT)

Miss. Nekhat Sadeq

Miss Nekhat Sadeq is senior student of Political Science and Public Administration major at the American University of Afghanistan. She was driven to start formal debating in the latter half of 2020. Despite her short debating experience, she won the championship in the latest (2021) Kabul Local Debate Tournament. She has a diverse set of skills such as researching, public speaking, leadership, critical thinking, and academic writing. Lately, she has found debating to be a great way to channel her perspective into a critical space. She is bestirring her vision for her community in the forms of active advocacy and joint volunteering projects alongside her newly found passion, debating.


Miss. Yalda Bari

Miss Yalda Bari is graduated from Balkh University in field of Economic. She is currently working with German Cooperation focusing on sustainable Economic Development and Employment Promotion. She is also certified Master Trainer of SIYB by ILO. She has been involved in debating programs and trainings during her undergraduate studies, became finalist and best speaker in several debating programs, later on stepped up as  judge of Balkh English debate clubs.


Mr. Abdul Matloob Naweed

Mr. Abdul Matloob Naweed is a senior student of ITCS at the American University of Afghanistan. He is currently the President of AUAF Debate and Diplomacy Club with a debating experience of over two years which earned him the championship title of the recent Local Kabul Tournament hosted by APT. His dedication to his field of work and his interests in polishing his leadership skills have gained him experience in managerial positions in his workplace. He currently works with the Afghan Civil Society. With his knowledge and skills in computer science, he wishes continuous research in the aspiration to bring a positive change to the technological era and take part in Afghanistan’s technological evolution.

Matloob Naweed copyasd

Miss. Hasina Nasri

Miss Hasina Nasri is studying BBA at kardan university. She started debating in 2016 and has participated in several local and national debate tournaments including national debate tournament 2017 and 2018 where she became the semi finalist. In addition, she has got the championship title more than 3 times including Kabul intervarsity debating championship 2017. She started judging the debate tournaments since 2019 and currently she is coaching kardan university debate club. Miss Nasri believes that debate must be a passion for every student. it helps them to gain knowledge and boost their self confidence.

Monash University


Miss. Erin Page

Erin is a 2nd year Law/Global Studies Student, specialising in International Relations. She is passionate about global foreign policy, particularly conflict resolution and Domestic Law Reform regarding access to the legal system and the advancement of human rights. She has participated in a range of competitions, debating and discussing global issues.

Mr. Edward Lichtig

Edward is studying a Bachelor of Science and Global Studies at Monash University, majoring in Geographical Sciences and International Relations. He has an avid interest in international affairs, previously working for and advising Politicians in both Australia and the Middle East and is currently working for numerous organisations in Diplomacy and Politics in Australia and the ASEAN region. He previously participated in various Model UN conferences and has completed two short-term mobility programs in France, and a long-term mobility program in the Middle East for two years.


Miss. Rose Russell

Rose is a second-year Law/Global Studies student, specialising in International Relations. She has a passion for approaching global issues through a gender lens. Rose has volunteered for Fiji’s premier women’s media organisation, femLINK Pacific, to design UN Women, Peace and Security Agenda initiatives in the Indo-Pacific region. Rose is keen to further develop her advocacy of WPS Agenda objectives, having won awards in a variety of Model UN conferences, debates and moots.


Mr. Lincoln Ingravalle

Lincoln is currently in his second year of a Bachelor of Global Studies, majoring in International Relations. He is passionate about foreign affairs, diplomacy and the ways in which states can interact for mutual and global benefit, socially and economically. He is currently very interested in the post-COVID landscape that will emerge in the coming years across the globe and how this will impact international relations as we know it.