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Afghan Youth Representative to the United Nations – 2018


In May 2018, APT in collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy in Kabul designed a program to select the first-ever Afghan Youth Representative to the UN. Through a rigorous competition process among 60 youth applicants who competed in public speaking events, Ramiz Bakhtiar became the finalist and was elected as the Youth Representative to the UN in 2018. The Netherlands Embassy sponsored the program, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNAMA supported us as well.

The Afghan Youth Representative addressed world leaders and his words were covered by the international media. Global community heard that Afghans strive for peace, and that war is not our choice. The Youth Representative was a model and an example of millions of other youth who are working hard in Afghanistan to create a stable, inclusive, and peaceful society.

Please watch the final round of the selection of candidate

Please watch Ramiz’s speech at the Security Council