What are the responsibilities of the youth delegate?

The AYR-UN will gather local youth insights from across Afghanistan about their challenges and concerns through organizing roundtables, hosting online campaigns on official social media pages of the program and conducting surveys over six months, write policy papers that raise awareness across the levels of leadership about the essential role of youth in the peace and political processes and call on global leaders and organizations to partner with youth to create positive change in Afghanistan. At the end of the assignment, the ARY will address global leaders at the United Nations Security Council/General Assembly and share youth’s views regarding the challenges and opportunities that Afghanistan has in its pursuit of peace, security, and development. The Representative will also bring the knowledge back to the country on how the UN deals with youth issues at the international level.

Eligibility Criteria

The following candidates are considered eligible for this call

  • Afghan citizens who reside in Afghanistan;
  • People below 29 and above 18 years old;
  • Young people with a minimum of 2 year and maximum of 3 years of volunteer experience;
  • Currently involved in youth-related/civic engagement activities or holds a leadership position in one of the youth-led organizations in Afghanistan;
  • Ability and willingness to travel outside the country for 20 days in September/December 2021;
  • Able to travel to provinces;
  • Excellent command of English language;
  • Excellent speaking and writing in national languages;
  • Individuals who can team-work, passionate to gather insight from all youth and able to communicate cross-culturally and professionally;
  • Individuals with skills to run activities through official social media platforms of the program, and fulfill duties and responsibilities that will be assigned via a Terms of Reference;
  • Priority will be given to those individuals who have had fewer international exposure in the past, and individuals who live in more remote places in Afghanistan.

The following candidates are not considered eligible for this call

  • Applicants who are temporary or permanent residents outside of Afghanistan;
  • Applicants who have applied for immigrant visas, lottery visas, or have any pending immigration cases;
  • Applicants who have previously received many awards and recognitions inside or outside of Afghanistan;
  • Applicants who have attended many conferences and events outside the country;
  • Individuals who have applied for other programs including scholarship programs at American, European, or Asian universities and intend to start studies in 2021 or 2022;
  • Individuals are currently employed full-time;
  • Current APT and Embassy of Norway employees and members, and individuals who were previously employed with APT;
  • Individuals who are currently recipients of any program of Embassy of Norway inside the country or abroad.


The call for application is open from April 14th  to May 5th, 2021 Afghanistan time. Online applications will be screened and reviewed by a panel of experts. The selection of the winner will have different phases that include written and oral tests, interviews, and a public speaking contest.

Based on the online application, 8 top candidates will be shortlisted and notified of their results in June. The shortlisted candidate will be requested to send a one-page paper “plan of how he/she will contribute to increased active participations of youth in the current peace process and their political participation in the decision making processes” and appear for interview and written test.

Based on the result of written paper and interview three to four shortlisted candidates will be requested to appear for the final phase of the selection, competing in the public speaking skill events.

Selection Committee

All eligible candidates will be selected by a selection committee, comprised of representatives from APT, representative from the Afghan government, the UN, and the Embassy of Norway in Afghanistan. The first phase of the interview will be contacted via Skype or in person. However, for the final round, all the applicants should be physically present in Kabul.

Financial Benefits

This program will cover airfare travel to provinces and outside Afghanistan, accommodation, meals, and transportation during the event. The program will not cover any cost (travel, transportation, or accommodation) if the applicant is selected for the final round to travel to Kabul.


Any queries regarding this application or program should be directed to Afghanyouthrepresentative@apt.org.af

Complete the online application form.