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Spring leadership Graduation

APT’s 2020 Spring Leadership Development Students graduated after completing their course at APT with national and international professional instructors and implementing their social projects on servant leadership. The course was conducted online because of the covid19 pandemic. It covered a variety of topics including Influence, Respect, Self-awareness, Honorable Leadership, and Styles of leadership, Growth, Listening,

International Peace Day

On the International Day of Peace, APT organized debate rounds, round tables, panel discussion, and symposium in Kabul, Herat, Balkh, Badakhshan, Nangarhar, Kandahar, and Samangan. This year, we celebrated Peace Day differently.  We painted over a newly built wall in Samangan and Kabul. Additionally, we organized the Afghan Youth for Peace Symposium. Even more, the

Networking events

To promote the goals of APT inside universities and the debate clubs, APT team in Herat, Kabul, and Mazar organized networking events for the debate clubs leading teams and members to listen to their problems and suggestions. Such events help us a lot in finding the problems of our debaters and finding ways to solve

Debate without Borders

On the series of our Afghan Australian Intercollegiate Debate Rounds, APT and Monash University conducted fifth round on 17th September 2020. The debaters discussed the role of Afghan women and youth in the present peace negotiation. The series of the debate rounds will continue and soon we will organize the sixth Afghan Australian Inter-collegiate Debate

Exhibition Debate

Debate gives an excellent opportunity for young Afghans to share their solutions, arguments, and analysis on various topics. After ending the restrictions of the Covid19 APT, the team in Kabul and provinces organized in-person exhibition debate rounds. The exhibition debate round allowed the students to listen to each other and interact peacefully.

Kandahar University Exhibition Debate Round

On August 8, 2020, APT organized an exhibition debate round at Kandahar University. Both sides of the debate argued on traditional and new methods of conflict resolution and finally Fazlullah Fazli and Faisal Manaly became the winners and Saifullah became the best speaker of this round. We believe debate is a great platform for the