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Kabul and Kabul Polytechnic Universities Online Debate Competition

We are delighted to announce that Kabul University and Kabul Polytechnic University in collaboration with APT organized an online debate competition on 23rd of April in which we had two teams from each university. The debaters argued on whether a parliamentary system of government works better than republic or not to overcome the current crisis

Herat and Jami Universities Online Debate Competition

On April 22nd 2020, APT organized an online debate competition between debaters from Herat and Jami Universities on the motion “THW not allow the statistics of Corona-virus to be published.” Believing that publishing the statistics negatively affects people.Sohrab Khatibi and Omid Faisal Faeq representing Jami University secured the championship of this competition. #Youth4Peace#Youth4Change 

Badakhshan and Borna University Online Debate Training

With all the challenges due to coronavirus pandemic, APT remains committed to promote peace and critical thinking among youth in Afghanistan. Notwithstanding the internet and electricity challenges, we succeeded to conduct an online debate training for the members of Borna and Badakhshan Universities’ Debate Clubs on April 20, 2020. We are not going to take

Memorandum of Understanding with Borna Institute of Higher Education

On 2nd March 2020, APT signed MOU with Borna Institute of Higher Education. Mr. Fahim Lameh representative of Borna Institute of Higher Education and Mr. Jaihoon Habibi Badakhshan regional coordinator have signed the MoU. Furthermore, Mr. Lameh has promised to cooperate with APT’s staff in implementing its activities and promoting a culture of peace and

Online Debate with Monash University

APT is pleased to organize a series of online debates in partnership with Monash University on the role of women, human rights and gender equality in Afghan Peace Process:

Debate and Leadership Training

COVID-19 is causing people to stay at home and save lives. There is no doubt that limiting face-to-face contact with others is the best way to reduce the spread of virus. Therefore, APT focuses on the positive dimension of this global shutdown. The colleagues in Kabul and provinces are still connected virtually. The sparkling world