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Balkh Intervarsity Debate Tournament

On January 15 and 16, 2021, debaters from Balkh, Aria, Rahnaward, Taj, Nukhbagan and Mawlana universities in Balkh took part in one and a half-day debate tournament at Taj University of Balkh Province. Students engaged in a peaceful exchange of views and ideas, presented logical argumentation and reasoning on the topics around peace, justice, education during the pandemic, and women’s rights. Besides debating, students took part in fun activities that contributed to building a network among them. Two debaters from Balkh University, Miss Narges Rasuli, and Miss Rezwana Rahimi received the championship award and Mr. Sayed Sulaiman Usmani of Nukhbagan University secured the best speaker’s award. Mr. Naser Sadat –an expert debater and judge of our tournament, secured the best Judge’s award of the tournament.

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