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APT Success Story – Miss Farman Enayat

Miss Farman Enaayat of Nokhbagan University in Balkh shares her debating experience with us:

“I still remember it like it was yesterday. One fine day I was in the college when I heard about “Balkh debating Championship” competition. To be honest, I didn’t pay close attention to it. Days passed and I was still not sure if I will do it, I didn’t even realize when the training sessions started. So, the very first day, due to tiredness and less interest I left the class in the middle even though I was getting each and every point our trainer Mr. Sayeed Eessaa Sanglakhee was saying. It was the second day when I got a bit involved in the training, I remember it was about the type of motions but I was not serious toward it, I was just attending the training. So, we reached to the day where we had to hold a practice debate and my position was “Prime Minister”, the moment I stood on the podium, I knew I was so bad at it and I really regretted that why I didn’t pay attention to the training but that feeling was useful because it made me take it seriously. Moreover, the competition started. Of course, we were nervous and a bit scared in first as we were facing many experienced debaters and we had no such experience but once we kept moving on to next rounds, all we wanted was to debate more and we were just loving it. 

We no longer cared if we got the first position, we just wanted to debate and give our best and we were absolutely loving it. I will never forget what our trainer (Sayeed Eessaa Sanglakhee) used to tell us, he used to say ” debate is just not a competition where you be so much serious and get angry or upset, the debate is fun, enjoy it and be positive.” So maybe with this attitude or belief, we won the Balkh Debating Championship. That was where my debating started, that was where I learn how to debate, how to be confident, how to be ready in any position and any motion given to you, how to keep your calm, how to speak in public, how to prove your point right, and most importantly to talk completely opposite of each other but still have respect for each other.

It taught me a lot but I knew it was just beginning because we had the National Debating in our way and I knew it’s going to be one of the best experiences of my life. I knew that I was going to learn a lot and meet many awesome debaters. I must say that it was more than my expectation because each and every moment was a learning experience. The motions, the judges, the debaters, and the whole competition was in a completely next level.

The first 5 preliminary rounds, it was all for learning because there was not even a single round where you finish the debate and you wouldn’t learn a new thing, each round would teach you something new. I must accept that the stress level was high but our team always believed in “give your best, learn from your experience and enjoy it.” So that’s how we moved on to quarterfinals, semifinals and finally the Final round. Soon after the final round, with no believe we heard our names as the winning team of the National Debating Championship – 2017. It was the best feeling, not the winning but what I gained and learned from debating. At the moment I was feeling so happy that I was part of the debaters, that I started debating, I was feeling so blessed because this experience gave me so many things that I can’t thank the APT enough for it.

Sometimes people ask Me my experience about the national debate, what I always say is “I wish I could just give you what feeling it gave me, how much I learned and how thankful I am.” But to answer this question I always try to give my honest answer that you meet so many talented people where everyone debates in the most amazing way possible and when you are in such an environment, you have tons of things to learn and gain.

So I Farman Enayat want to say only one thing in the end that, Debating really changes the way you think, you talk, interact and see things, it really makes takes out your thinking abilities that you didn’t know you had in you and of course I shouldn’t forget to mention, you will be blessed with the people you get to know during this experience”.

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