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Following APT’s “Hosa Zowand” Radio Program, APT on 11th, March 2019 held a discussion panel on “violence and its impact on family & society” for around 80 participants, mostly women at Turkish department of Kabul university.

The panel discussion focused on violence, the roots of violence, factors of violence, role of society in spreading violence, impact of violence on the society, role of family in reducing or expanding the violence and role of religion in reducing or expanding violence. Furthermore, they highlighted the role of government in controlling and making policies for educating people in order to not join violent extremist groups.

Our Radio Program targets mothers in 34 provinces of Afghanistan as the most influential member of a family who plays a crucial role in raising healthy children and changing children’s behavior to play a positive role in society and dissuade them from joining to extremist groups.

At the end of the event, the floor was given to the audience and mothers to share their thoughts and ask their questions from the panelists.

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