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Reflection Day

On Thursday, January 31st 2018, Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT) organized the Reflection Day event in the Professional Development Institute (PDI) of AUAF. 

   This event was organized to give a brief review of the activities organized by APT in the past working year, appreciation of those who showed their utmost dedication and commitment to debate programs, and showcase of different debate tournaments’ videos organized in 2018. 

    Throughout the event, APT distributed its Merit Awards to Judge of the Year, Debater of the Year, and Debate Club of the Year. The eligible candidates passed a number of steps to qualify as a winner. As a result, Mr. Nesar Ahmad Anwari was selected as the Judge of the year, Mr. Hassan Hamidi as the Debater of the year, and PDI of AUAF as the debate club of the year. 

APT has always showed its sincere gratitude to those who give a portion of their precious time to its programs. let us set our sights high and aim for the stars. 

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