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Demo debate on women’s day

On 26th March 2019, APT organized a round of demo debate in order to celebrate International Women’s Day in Balkh.

Students from different universities participated and showed their utmost dedication and interest in debate programs organized by APT.

Female debate club in samangan

APT is pleased to announce that we have established a female debate club in Samangan province on 17th March 2019. Following the track of its activities, this debate club organized a demo debate regarding women inclusion in society and their significant role in improvement of society, for the first time at Mawlana University.

Empowering women through debate is one of our goals at APT.

Dream Big Workshop March 2019

APT with collaboration of Love Does organization hosted more than 60 university students from different public and private universities of Kabul to the Dream Big workshop on 29th March, 2019.
The workshop aimed to help the students identify their future ambitions and methodical approaches to tackle the challenges on their ways ahead. The young students shared their visions for their future.
Our sincere appreciation goes to our partner for facilitating this session.

#APTforYouth #APT4Peace #APTDreamBigWorkshop

Panel Discussion

Following APT’s “Hosa Zowand” Radio Program, APT on 11th, March 2019 held a discussion panel on “violence and its impact on family & society” for around 80 participants, mostly women at Turkish department of Kabul university.

The panel discussion focused on violence, the roots of violence, factors of violence, role of society in spreading violence, impact of violence on the society, role of family in reducing or expanding the violence and role of religion in reducing or expanding violence. Furthermore, they highlighted the role of government in controlling and making policies for educating people in order to not join violent extremist groups.

Our Radio Program targets mothers in 34 provinces of Afghanistan as the most influential member of a family who plays a crucial role in raising healthy children and changing children’s behavior to play a positive role in society and dissuade them from joining to extremist groups.

At the end of the event, the floor was given to the audience and mothers to share their thoughts and ask their questions from the panelists.

panel discussion

برنامه گفتمان

موضوع برنامه:

چگونه می توان با خشونت مبارزه کرد و راه های جلوگیری از پیوستن اطفال و نوجوانان به گروه های خشونت گرا

موسسه اندیشه وران افغان برای پیشرفت (Afghans for Progressive Thinking) به مثابه یک ارگان غیر دولتی، غیر انتفاعی و غیر سیاسی می باشد که این موسسه در راستای ارتقای ظرفیت جوانان بخصوص محصلین برنامه های همچون رهبری، مناظره، برنامه های بین المللی، و برنامه های رادیویی را برگزار می کند.

این موسسه تحت برنامه ی رادیویی خود که در مورد مهارت های فرزند داری می باشد برای رشد سطح آگاهی مردم در مورد راه های مبارزه با خشونت و افراط گرایی در خانواده ها و اجتماع برنامه های گفتمانی را هر ساله برگزار می نماید که اینبار نیز برنامه گفتمانی را قرار است در تالار حقوق پوهنتون کابل به تاریخ ۲۵ جون در مورد (چگونه می توان با خشونت مبارزه کرد و راه های جلوگیری از پیوستن اطفال و نوجوانان به گروه های خشونت گرا) برگزار کند.

برای ثبت نام در این برنامه می توانید فورم ذیل را خانه پری نمایید و در ارائه طرح های خوب برای مبارزه با خشونت سهیم شوید.


Application expert judges

Recruiting Expert Judges

Great News!

Are you an expert British Parliamentary Style debater?
Are you willing to transform your debating knowledge to newbies?
Are you keen to utilize your judging skills and further sharpen it?
Are a volunteer visionary youth, eager to be part of the debate community?
Are you interested to be part of a professional judge’s community?

If yes, APT provides you the great opportunity grab it, join us now, and let’s shape a professional judges community to gather.  

Deadline: 15, June 2019