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Female debate club in samangan

APT is pleased to announce that we have established a female debate club in Samangan province on 17th March 2019. Following the track of its activities, this debate club organized a demo debate regarding women inclusion in society and their significant role in improvement of society, for the first time at Mawlana University.

Empowering women through debate is one of our goals at APT.

Debate round in US embassy

On March 13th, 2019 APT conducted a round of debate on “The role of women’s right in the Afghan peace process”. Four teams from four different universities had a fruitful debate and offered very strong arguments and resolution on the role of women in the peace negotiations.

Offering very strong and logical arguments, the team representing Kabul University secured the championship position of the round thus we are avid to congratulate on their successful achievement.

APT wishes the teams further future success and thank our honorable partners for their extraordinary efforts for hosting the event.

Debate and Research training in Kandahar

Accompanied by youths from Kandahar, we were able to complete another debate and research trainings from Feb 18 to March 7, 2019 in this province. These trainings encompassed 35 university students in total, dis-aggregated by 20 male and 15 female participants. Through these training we aimed to support youth enhancing their logical and critical thinking, and sharpening their applied skills in the areas of research and debating.

Application expert judges

Recruiting Expert Judges

Great News!

Are you an expert British Parliamentary Style debater?
Are you willing to transform your debating knowledge to newbies?
Are you keen to utilize your judging skills and further sharpen it?
Are a volunteer visionary youth, eager to be part of the debate community?
Are you interested to be part of a professional judge’s community?

If yes, APT provides you the great opportunity grab it, join us now, and let’s shape a professional judges community to gather.  

Deadline: 15, June 2019

Application Form For Kabul Polytechnic University

A great opportunity by APT for students who are interested to join debate club in  Kabul Polytechnic University! 


 Interested students, what are you waiting for? 

Go to the link below and fill out the application form. 

Click Here: Application Form Link


Call For Applications

An exciting news for fervent debaters!

APT is recruiting new students in Kabul University, Avecenna University, and PDI who are interested to debate. This is a great opportunity to enhance your critical thinking and public speaking skills. 

 If you are interested to be part of APT’s debate community, please do not hesitate to go to below link and fill the application form.