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Debate and Research Training in Borna University

We are delighted to share another accomplishment of Afghans for Progressive Thinking Organization in Badakhshan province of Afghanistan.

Accompanied by youth from Badakhshan, we were able to complete another debate and research trainings from Feb 18 to 26 Feb 2019 in Borna Institute of Higher education. 20 students, 13 male and 7 female, participated in these trainings. Through these training we aimed to support youth enhancing their logical and critical thinking, and sharpening their applied skills in the areas of research and debating.


Great Achievement!

We at APT, congratulate Mr. Fardin Jamal, APT Regional Coordinator in Herat, and Ms. Parisa Sikandary, Ms. Farida Razaqi, and Ms. Rozita Sikandary, APT’s debate community members in Herat and 2018 National Debate Tournament debaters, for being ranked as the Second Runner-up and winning the Best Oralist and Honorable Mention Awards, in the Regional Competition of VIS Commercial Arbitration Pre-moot. The competition took place in Bahrain where twenty-one teams from fifteen states of the region, including three teams from Afghanistan, entered to competition. They will be traveling to Hong Kong next month to represent Afghanistan in the International Competition of VIS Moot where they will be competing with more than a hundred teams from across the world.

We are proud of our members anywhere in Afghanistan or the world who strive to accomplish and learn with consistency, integrity and hard work.


Judges Networking Community in Herat

APT Debate Club Leaders Networking Event, in Herat. We regularly hear from our Debate Club Leaders to improve the quality of debate in universities and listen to their concerns and ideas.


Judges Networking Community in Badakhshan

In March, we organized a networking event for our judges community in Badakhshan. Khatera Danesh and Jaihoon Habibi, APT Team in Faizabad listened to the judges’ ideas and concerns to improve the quality of debate competitions.


Reflection Day

On Thursday, January 31st 2018, Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT) organized the Reflection Day event in the Professional Development Institute (PDI) of AUAF. 

   This event was organized to give a brief review of the activities organized by APT in the past working year, appreciation of those who showed their utmost dedication and commitment to debate programs, and showcase of different debate tournaments’ videos organized in 2018. 

    Throughout the event, APT distributed its Merit Awards to Judge of the Year, Debater of the Year, and Debate Club of the Year. The eligible candidates passed a number of steps to qualify as a winner. As a result, Mr. Nesar Ahmad Anwari was selected as the Judge of the year, Mr. Hassan Hamidi as the Debater of the year, and PDI of AUAF as the debate club of the year. 

APT has always showed its sincere gratitude to those who give a portion of their precious time to its programs. let us set our sights high and aim for the stars. 

MOU with Kandahar University

Great news for students of Kandahar University!

On February 5, 2019, APT signed a MoU of Debate and Research program with Kandahar University. This MoU will enable both institutions to work closely for promoting culture of tolerance, openness and respect in the community through mentioned programs. APT will establish a debate club in Kandahar University and provide participants debate and research trainings. After registration, participants will have the chance to participate in debate and research paper completions and will also take part in other programs of APT.