: Debate

Call for Application

Selection Criteria

● Hold a degree or currently enrolled in university with three years of debating experience;
● Fluent in English and Dari;
● Be available for three days of training;
● Be available for judging debate tournaments and events during weekends.

Privileges and Benefits

● Committee members will be identified as special members of APT;
● Special members of APT will be the first people being notified of any opportunity at APT;
● Committee members will receive certificates on behalf of APT and will be identified as certified debate judges of Afghanistan;
● APT will serve as a reference for their future purposes;
● One to two committee members will be selected to participate in the international debate tournaments, considering APT’s financial and technical resources;
● APT special members will benefit from capacity building and leadership training provided by APT twice a year.

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Memorandum of Understanding Between APT and Balkh University

APT, working hard and moving forward!

APT renewed its memorandum of understanding with Balkh University in Mazar – e- Sharif on June 25, 2018. The MoU will ensure a long lasting relationship between APT and Balkh University by engaging students in APT activities and students taking the message of promoting a culture of tolerance, openness, and respect in their university.

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January 18th – 19th were the days when APT successfully organized Kabul Debating Championship (KDC), its first debate tournament of 2018.
We hosted more than 110 wonderful youth, including brilliant debaters, adjudicators and an astonishing team of volunteers. This time Kabul University declared the championship and Ahmad Reshad Hamer was also titled as the Best Speaker. Nisar Ahmad Anwari was once again voted as the Best Adjudicator.
APT appreciates hosting of the Kabul University, Cheers the adjudicators and volunteers and prizes the participation of these universities:
1. Kabul University
2. Kabul Education University
3. Kardan University
4. Kateb University
5. Ibne-Sina University
6. Khorshid University
7. Alama University

Debate is contention in argument; strife, dissension, quarrelling, controversy; especially a formal discussion of subjects before a public assembly or in any deliberative assembly. Logical consistency, factual accuracy and some degree of emotional appeal to the audience are elements in debating, where one side often prevails over the other party by presenting a superior “context” or framework of the issue. In a formal debating contest, there are rules for participants to discuss and decide on differences, within a framework defining how they will interact. Further, resulting in development of the confidence of participants along with enhancing their tolerance, acceptance, communication, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence skills.  

Participant’s impact stories:

Zahra Karimi:First of all, it retrieved my sense of criticism. From the time I came to university I was feeling the tension from the department and the professors. I was trying to be very careful not criticize or say anything they don’t like, something that caused me to totally get isolated and don’t interfere with anything people around me do. Lastly, APT’s debate program conducted me to a way towards knowing the world around me and not judging easily, having a curiosity that encompasses all sides of the information that I face, and it made me know that it doesn’t matter what major you are inyou can work your way through, raise your voice for the right, and do something useful for everyone.” 

Hamed Zaher:I have changed completely since 2015; that I have stepped forward through my participation at my first debating championships experience. I have deeply realized the value of debating during my two years career, because I have got new friends, smart experiences, strong commitment, and powerful steps. Debating has helped me find a new family or in other words, my second family, APT. Hence, has helped me to feel strong on facing challenges. Finally, I can say precisely, debating presented me a new world.”

Marhaba “Qadis: “All in all, I confess that debating did bring lots of changes in my social life and personal life as well. Such as; understanding my speeches in a good way possible, communicating for exchanging useful information, getting known yourself to the key ranking people around you, accepting each other`s word as humans are respectable to state their needs even if it was against of ours and finally enhancing courage of public speaking. Hope this chance meet everybody to debate once and experience it.” 

Hamidullah: “To sum up, I stated above the massive impacts of debate in my life both personal and professional, the reasons for which I joined debate and why other students who still did not join debate should join debate. In my view, if anyone wants to improve intellectually, and wants to reinforce his/her critical thinking and communication skills, s/he has to join debate.”

Neelofar Ahmad: “To sum up all of my words in just a few sentences, debate brought so many changes to my life and has widened my prospect of life, I have gained the ability to express my opinions and build upon them and actually feel like a responsible person for the way our community and society has been presented to others. The message I would like to spread is ‘’if you are ever lucky enough to be a part of debate don’t ever hesitate to take it, it will change your life.’’


APT is currently recruiting university students in Kabul, Balkh and Samangan provinces. If you think you can be a Debater, then this is the chance for you to join the debate circuit in your province.
Register through: https://goo.gl/Js7Kkb
E-mail info@apt.af or call +93 785784482 cell-number if you need additional assistance.

Debates are one of the most useful instruments to enable university students learn the most influential skills by facing their fears of contradiction and criticism.

APT as an active organ facilitates such opportunities realizing the future benefits of enabling youth to advance through their careers, while having a precious reservoir of communication, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence skills.