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Afghan Girls Exchange Program

APT sponsored a number of girls on exposure to Uzbekistan from Feb 28 to March 4, 2020. These girls had the chance to participate in a Model United Nations Program in Tashkent. This program built a sense of appreciation for diversity through interaction in a multi-cultural environment. Additionally, the program enabled the participants to practice leadership and communication skills, build Ultra- culture networks, which will lead to a positive change in the Afghan Society. Through this program, the female members of APT had the chance to visit different universities, educational and historical places in Tashkent and Samarqand. The Ultimate goal of the program was to create a cultural connection between Afghan youth and youth from other countries and to build a strong team spirit among Afghan women and encourage them to plan and lead such programs to promote peace and equality in society.     

Women Day Events

Afghan women are a symbol of resistance, perseverance and bravery. The challenges and unequal treatment they have overcome are appreciable. Thus, we had the opportunity to honor the International Women’s Day by organizing events in Kabul, Nangarhar, Badakhshan and Kandahar provinces. The events aimed at helping Afghan men who have been dominating women over the years to understand and honor women’s power.

Memorandum of Understanding

To establish common intentions, localize debate inside universities and train debate club members to promote human rights and democratic values among university students, APT as of its initial requirement for future dealings signed Memorandum of Understating with a number of Universities in Kabul, Herat, Balkh, Badakhshan, Nangarhar, Samangan, and Kandahar. This bi-lateral document provides a framework for APT and the mentioned universities for future activities inside university and providing them debate trainings.

UN75 (Global Conversation)

UN75 the World’s Biggest Global Conversation on world’s future is an excellent initiative for youth not only from Afghanistan but also for youth from across the globe. APT along with UNAMA Kicked off this conversation in Afghanistan. Through these discussions, we understood that for Afghans, security is the first priority, and they want to have it in the next 25 years. However, there are many problems in the country; such as poverty, illiteracy, and access to clean water, but war is the mother of all the problems.

Girls Debate Club Exhibition Debate

Debate is platform through which women can express themselves and can contribute to a peaceful and tolerant society meaningfully. On 12th January 2020, APT organized a round of debate among female debaters from Kabul, Kardan, PDI and Kabul Polytechnic universities. These strong women debated over women’s participation in fostering the peace negotiations with the Taliban. We at APT believe in the power of women and we have been working to empower them through different ways because we are sure that women play an important role in the society and can bring about positive changes.

National Debate Tournament

APT organized Millennium National Debate Tournament at Kabul Polytechnic University. MNDT2019 was the biggest youth debate tournament which focused on Global Goals – goal number 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) in particular. MNDT2019 gave the stage to young men and women to debate on very controversial topics related to Afghanistan, the region and the globe. This year, more than 150 debaters, club leaders, adjudicators, volunteers, and observers from Kabul University, Avicenna University, Kabul Polytechnic University, AUAF-PDI and Kardan University participated in this great event.