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On September 24th to 29th, APT organized its “Fifth National Debating Championship” in Kabul. NDC is the greatest youth debate contest in Afghanistan which gives the stage to young university students to debate and talk about topical issues in Afghanistan and the world. This year, the program brought more than a hundred students from Herat, Balkh, Samangan, Badakhshan, and Kabul which were selected through a competitive process in their provinces. Students debated around different topics and competed for the “National Debating Championship” title while introducing and exchanging their culture to each other in the side events, and making new friends.

The championship title in the senior category this year went to Mr. Sayed Abid Hashimi and Ajmal Wafa of the American University of Afghanistan, while Beheshta Rasekh was ranked as the Best Speaker of the tournament. In Junior category, Mohammad Zohour Kaihan and Jamshid Mohammadi won the championship and Khujasta Ahmadi of AUAF won the Best Speaker Award.

We appreciate Kabul University for hosting the debate rounds. We are also very much proud and thankful to our volunteer community for their generous contributions in organizing the NDC 2018. APT congratulates all debaters for their accomplishments and wish them best luck in their future.

Leadership Program Fall 2018.

On Sunday, 7th October 2018, Leadership course for the season of fall was officially started.

This Leadership program will cover twenty sessions till the 18th of November. Around thirty number of students across the Universities of Kabul from AUAF, Kabul University, Kateb University, Kabul Education University, Khatimunabien University, Ghawharshad University, and Kardan University participated in this program.

The first session was taught by an international lecturer of APT, topic entitled as “Leadership Skills” with a very warm welcoming number of students.

APT’s leadership courses are designed to promote the fact that a leader has the role of serving the society and a leader is the one who works to develop an individual’s talent of the people around him.

Samangan Debating Championship

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On 6th of July 2018, APT organized Samangan Intervarsity Debating Championship. More than 130 debaters, observers, volunteers and adjudicators from Samangan, Loqman and Moulana universities participated in SIDC 2018.

• Hasibullah Shaiq and Sohaila Nabizada got the championship awards.
• Ajazullhaq hashimi of Samangan University was tilted as the Best Speaker
• Ramin Mansoori Was elected as the best Adjudicator of the tournament.

APT appreciates time and devotion of the adjudicators, volunteers, and organizers of SIDC2018 and recognizes Moulana University for providing the venue of the event. Our appreciation goes to Ahmad Reshad Ghiasi for taking these wonderful pictures.

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Badakhshan Debating Championship

On July 18 & 19, 2018, APT organized Badakhshan Debating Championship. Twenty teams from Badakhshan University and Borna Institute of Higher Education entered in the competition. Mr. Munir Ahmad and Ms. Marwa Gheyasi from Badakhshan University won the championship and Ms. Shaheen Karim from Badakhshan University was ranked as the Best Speaker of the tournament. Also, Mr. Azad Danishyar was selected as the Best Adjudicator of the tournament. Our sincere appreciation goes to Badakhshan University and Borna University for providing the space.

We congratulate all debaters for their accomplishments and we appreciate the efforts of our great team of volunteers and judges and our regional coordinator Khatera Danesh in Badakhshan.

APT Kabul Debate Training

APT is regularly conducting debate training to its debate clubs members in Kabul and other provinces, In the debate training students will learn the debate ethics, making logical argumentation, build their communication skills and critical thinking skills.
These regular practice sessions will also prepare students to participate in APT’s provincial and national debate tournaments in the future.


On 11th and 12th of July 2018, APT conducted two days of intermediate debate training session at Kateb University. Thanks to our volunteer trainer Nisar Ahmad Anwari for leading the session.

On 17th and 18th of July 2018, APT conducted two days of intermediate debate training session at Kardan University. Thanks to our volunteer trainer Ahmad Zia Mayar for leading the session.