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Balkh Intervarsity Debating Championship

On November 10th and 11th, APT organized Balkh Intervarsity Debating Championship in two categories: experienced and novice. Twenty-sixth teams from Balkh, Mawlana, and Nokhbagan Universities participated in this tournament.
We are thrilled to announce that Ms. Tahera Asa has been awarded as Best Speaker in the Experienced Category and Ms. Hasina Khairi in the Novice Category. Moreover, Sayed Sulaiman Osmani and Shabnam Hassanzada from Nokhbagan University were ranked as Champions for their excellent performance in this tournament.
Thanks to our great team of volunteers and adjudicators in Balkh for their priceless contributions and efforts in the event. We also extend our appreciation to the supportive administration of

Nokhbagan University

for hosting the debate tournament.

Mehrabanon School futures

Children are the future leaders of our society. They will continue our today’s efforts in the form of legacy. They deserve love and peace. A short poem from our #MehrabanonSchool 🇦🇫 students on the occasion of #InternationalChildrensDay

Khorasan University Debate Club

A number of members of Khorasan University Debate Club and Nangarhar provincial official Wahid Zaheer held a meeting on the upcoming activities of the Debate Club and some new members.
Detailed talks in this meeting will be the effect you will feel and see in a short time.

KU English Debate Club

KU English Debate Club has organized the second exhibition debate round on the motion “This House Would ban violent video games”.
While violent video games have attracted increasing criticism over recent years as the amount of violence has escalated, the debaters provided countermeasures to rescue the youngsters from the harms of such games. They have also discussed whether state censorship is justified in this case.

Debate Training at Kandahar University

From Monday, 2nd Nov to Thursday, 5th Nov 2020 we had debate training for the newly recruited debate club members. The purpose of this training was to train 25 new members from various faculties of Kandahar University who were highly fervent to learn more about debate and to take part in our debate tournaments. This training was led by the leading team of the Kandahar University debate club; we would like to especially thank our debate club leader, Mr. Mohammadullah Hashimi, for all his efforts during the training. In addition, we had lots of activities during this 4-day training including, the British Parliamentary Style Debate Presentation, group works, practice debate sessions and rehearsals, Presentation on building your confidence level, sharing debate experiences (By Jirga Participants), and a competitive debate session.
Overall, it was an outstanding training and all the participants received their certificates at the end of the debate training.

Mrs. Zadran the Afghan youth representative in the United Nations met with Herat youths

Beautiful Zadran, the Afghan youth representative in the United Nations met with Herat youths during their provincial trips.
During this visit, Mr. Zadran listened to their ideas, concerns, and demands about the youth problems and peace process.