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Dream Big Workshop March 2019

APT with collaboration of Love Does organization hosted more than 60 university students from different public and private universities of Kabul to the Dream Big workshop on 29th March, 2019.
The workshop aimed to help the students identify their future ambitions and methodical approaches to tackle the challenges on their ways ahead. The young students shared their visions for their future.
Our sincere appreciation goes to our partner for facilitating this session.

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Debate Round in Lincoln Learning Center US Embassy

In February, we organized a youth debate round on social inequalities in Afghanistan, at US Embassy’s Lincoln Learning Center, in Kabul. APT Debate Team also delivered a short online training on debate to youth in Sheberghan, Kabul, and Nangarhar. The youth discussed how social inequalities in Afghanistan can be addressed – expressing different solutions and policies.


Women’s Day Debate in Badakhshan

To mark the Women’s International Day, APT Debate Team in Badakhshan jointly organized a youth debate round on women in economy, with the Directorate of Women Affairs in Badakhshan. Khatera Danesh, APT’s Regional Coordinator in Badakhshan, also talked about APT’s mission and programs in Faizabad.

We are committed to work for a peaceful and inclusive Afghanistan where efforts of women in every field is appreciated.

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برنامه گفتمان

برنامه گفتمان 

موضوع برنامه: خشونت و تاثیر آن در اجتماع و خانواده

موسسه اندیشه وران گفتمانی را در موررد خشونت و تاثیر آن در اجتماع و خانواده هفته آینده 11 مارچ مطابق به 20 حوت روز دوشنبه در دیپارتمنت ترکی پوهنتون کابل برگزار می کند. بنابراین اگر میخواهید در برنامه گفتمان اشتراک کرده و سهم فعالی در کاهش خشونت در جامعه و خانواده داشته باشید، با ما بپیوندید

!حضور شما را در این برنامه خواهانیم

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