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برنامه توسعه رهبری اندیشه وران در سفارت آلمان در کابل

موسسه ی اندیشه وران سالانه دو بار برنامه های توسعه رهبری که بر موضوعات ویژه گی و شایستگی یک رهبر متمرکز است را برگزار می کند
به تاریخ 21 اکتوبر سفارت آلمان در کابل میزبان دانشجویان دوره خزانی از برنامه رهبری اندیشه وران بوده و این جلسه توسط آقای سیرت سیر تدریس گردید. موضوع این جلسه خودآگاهی بوده که طی این جلسه دانشجویان در مورد مفهوم خودآگاهی و چگونگی اتخاذ تصامیم خردمندانه آموزش دیدند. برنامه به صورت بسیار تعاملی پیش رفته و دانشجویان طیف گسترده ی از نظریات را در مورد اهمیت خود آگاهی یک رهبر ارائه کرده و تبادل افکار نمودند. بر علاوه دانشجویان به عنوان فعالیت آموزشی یک قلب ترسیم نموده و ارزش های که در قلب خویش جای داده اند را نگاشتند. هدف از این فعالیت, درک ارزشهای اصلی و یادآوری آنها هنگام تصمیم گیری بود
از همکار ما سفارت آلمان در کابل بابت میزبانی و از آقای سیرت سیر بابت تسهیل این برنامه سپاسگزاریم

Women, Youth & Peace Debating Championship

To create the space for youth to speak their thoughts, on August 2, APT organized ‘Women, Youth & Peace Debating Championship’ at Gharjistan University. Teams from Kabul University, Bakhtar University, Kabul Education University of Prof. Shaheed Rabbani and Gharjistan University competed in five debate rounds. The students debated the role of women and youth in the peace process, Afghan women conditions post peace agreement and the way forward. Four teams from Kabul University broke into the final round, which Ms. Maria Rozba and Mr. Osman Alami won the tournament championship while Ms. Hasina Wardak of Kabul University was ranked as the First Best Speaker of the competition. In meantime, Mr. Khan Ali Alizada, a veteran debater and adjudicator of APT’s judges’ community in Kabul, was selected as the Best Adjudicator of Women, Youth & Peace Debating Championship.

We congratulate all debaters for their accomplishments and wish them best luck in their debating career. We also appreciate the efforts of our voluteer and judges’ community in Kabul for their valuable contributions in the program.


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Leadership Development Program

“Great leader create more leaders, not followers”

APT Leadership Development Program Spring 2019.The students of the APT spring season were hosted by the Netherlands Embassy after completing their social service projects.

In this session with collaboration of Netherlands Embassy students learned about two important topics “Courage and Encouragement”. The main purposes of this session were to enhance the leadership skills of the students and to help students learn how to work courageously for their community and empower each member of the community.

We thank  our partner Embassy of the Netherlands in Afghanistan for hosting and facilitating this session.

Panel Discussion, June, 2019

APT works to empower women of different levels in the society. On June 25th 2019, APT held a panel discussion on “How to counter violent extremism & dissuade children from joining violent extremist groups”. In the panel, APT had two guest speakers Mrs. Qudsia Raheen AWN advocacy manager and Mr. Asadullah Saeed, director of Raheyane Saadat. In this panel, 62 women and 8 men from different levels of the society participated. 

In first part of the panel the two guest speakers talked about a variety of issues such as “Violent extremism, roots of VE, internal and external factors of VE, how to counter VE in the families & society, how to dissuade children from joining VE, root cause of children joining VE groups, Suggestions for mothers & families to raise healthy children and counter VE. In the second part of the panel, APT team distributed papers for the participants to write the best policy for countering VE.

The participants wrote policies about the ways through which families and society can counter violent extremism. In addition to that, the stage was given to the audience to explain their policy papers regarding countering VE. Among the audience, 2 girls and one woman explained their policy paper and finally, Nazira Hafizi one of the participants received the best policy certificate from the panel.

Debate Training For Students in Balkh Province

Youth posses fresh minds and ideas which can shape the Afghan society in a more acceptable way. Therefore, APT is aiming to invest on youth and help them formulate their minds towards improving society.

APT organized debate training for university students in Balkh on 11th to 13th June 2019. The purpose of these training were to help these students figure out the problems and find reasonable solutions.

Debate Training for Samangan University Students

To promote a culture of respect among youth, APT chooses to organize debate training for them, especially university students.
Through debate, students learn to accept and respect different ideas and opinions.

Following that, APT in Samagan successfully delivered an advance 2 days training for newly recruited students in Samangan university and Teacher Training Center. The training took place in Teacher Training Center on 18th and 19th June, 2019.

Ms. Basira Paigham Regional coordinator of APT in samangan province provided training regarding type of motion, argumentation, teamwork, and judges consideration in debate.