In Debate

Call for Application

Selection Criteria

● Hold a degree or currently enrolled in university with three years of debating experience;
● Fluent in English and Dari;
● Be available for three days of training;
● Be available for judging debate tournaments and events during weekends.

Privileges and Benefits

● Committee members will be identified as special members of APT;
● Special members of APT will be the first people being notified of any opportunity at APT;
● Committee members will receive certificates on behalf of APT and will be identified as certified debate judges of Afghanistan;
● APT will serve as a reference for their future purposes;
● One to two committee members will be selected to participate in the international debate tournaments, considering APT’s financial and technical resources;
● APT special members will benefit from capacity building and leadership training provided by APT twice a year.

Go through below link for submitting the application

Click here for submitting the application

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