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Kabul Intervarsity Debate Tournament

On March 19, 2021 for the sole purpose of organizing youth networks for peace building and change makers in Afghan societies, Afghans for progressive Thinking organization arranged a one-day local debate tournament with around 150 youth. This unique platform enabled university students to debate and offer resolution to the challenges in the way of peace, youth and women. Teams from Tabesh, Kabul, AUAF, Kabul Polytechnic, Shaheed Rabani and Kardan Universities were up against each other. Team AUAF (Miss Nekhat Frogh Sadeq and Mr. Abdul Matloob Naweed) was able to secure the championship and Mr. Shaheen Shah Khoshal of Kabul University achieved the Best Speakers award of the tournament.

Debaters also voted opting Miss Farida Razaqi as the Best Judge of the tournament.

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