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Leadership Class Application Form

Call for Application Leadership class

If you are currently a university student or recent graduate in Kabul and interested to learn leadership skills and you are committed about helping your country to improve and build a better future for your country and yourself, you will be happy to hear that Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT) is going to organize its Spring Leadership program

In this program you will learn to:

  1. Learn the leadership principles critical to stepping up and creating change
  2. Describe a compelling vision for an alternative future
  3. Master Strategic Planning, Communication, Teamwork, Vision, and other core skills great leaders have

This program will take approximately 40 hours within the period of one  month (from April 7 till May 5). The classes will be scheduled between 2pm- 4pm three days in a week with Afghan and International instructors.

The deadline for the application form is March 28, 2019

The course fee is: 500 Af

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