Every year, APT organizes a number of leadership development courses which focus on the character and competency of a leader. These sessions will equip and prepare students to exercise leadership in their communities and develop the necessary skills to become effective influencers in the Afghan society. Leadership courses are held both in English and Dari and taught in an interactive setting by experts and professionals from Afghanistan and abroad. Upcoming leadership sessions will be announced in advance on APT’s website and Facebook page.

Leadership Spring 2019 Leadership Development Program

We have successfully graduated twenty-university student after 40 hours of intensive lectures on leadership. National and international instructors taught the courses for a total number of 20 students from public and private universities based in Kabul. 

The leadership course covered different topics such as:

  • Vision, Values and Trust
  • Respect, Purpose and Listening
  • Respect, Awareness, Forgiveness
  • Growth, Setting Personal Goals, Community

Netherlands Embassy hosted two sessions of our leadership course (Courage & Encouragement and integrity). The sole purpose of these sessions was to enhance the leadership skills to help students think about community as a place of celebrating, encouraging and empowering each member. As servant leaders, build communities of celebration, encouragement, and empowerment, to serve the members of the community by meeting their need for self-esteem and self-worth.

During these sessions, student directly engage in dialogue with a number of embassy officials including the ambassador, deputies and secretaries. By the end of the course, the leadership students were divided into two groups to initiate and implement two social projects.

Group A

Students held a project on Servant Leadership called “Leaders are Dreamers” in Sayed Jamaluddin Teacher Training College on 19th May 2019. There were 50 participants from English Literature Faculty. Students presented and lectured the participants with values, servant leadership and goal setting process. They had practice and group discussion. Participant showed a very high interest in what they were taught. We really appreciate their enthusiasm and active participation.

Group B

Students held a social project on servant leadership called ” One Nation One mission” in Aluoddin Orphanage on 10th June 2019. The team presented different presentation to the student of orphanage to enhance their leadership skills like forgiveness, goal setting and motivation. In addition the students were involved in activities where they were provided storybooks, notebooks and pens for promoting the culture of reading. The aim of this project was to give them hope, vision and to bring smile into faces of those who have lost their loved ones. Participant showed a very high interest in what they were thought.

Leadership Fall 2019 Leadership Development Program

On 15th October 2019, APT commenced 2019 Fall Leadership Development Program. Twenty students from different public and private Kabul-based universities attended the session and were provided with the opportunity to get to know each other. The session began with an introduction about APT and a short description about the leadership development program. Throughout the two-month-long program, APT presented sessions that provided insight and techniques on how to influence people effectively, communication skills, different concepts of leadership including servant leadership, the power of listening, problem solving methods, decision making skills, and traits of a successful leader. In the end, students took part in different practical activities and exercises to apply the knowledge they gained in real life scenarios.

Some of the leadership sessions were convened at the Netherlands Embassy, Canadian Embassy and German Embassy in Kabul in order provide students with different perspectives on leadership and allow them to not only meet Afghans but also leaders from other countries.

After completing the leadership program at APT, students were divided into two groups and were assigned to implement certain social projects related to servant leadership.

The first group implemented their social project called “From Impossible to Possible” at the Professional School of Blind People in Kabul on 19th November 2019. Over 25 participants from the school attended the event. APT leadership students provided presentations on servant leadership, goal setting and self-awareness to the high school students.

On 23rd November 2019 the second group of APT’s Leadership Development Program called “Next Generation Leaders” went out and distributed packages of hats, gloves and scarves to children and elders living on the streets of Kabul in order to keep them warm during the cold days of the winter and bring a warm smile on their faces.

APT’s 2019 Fall Leadership Development students graduated on 28th November 2019 and received certificates from APT. They ended the program with much excitement to practice in real life what they had learned in the class.

Leadership Spring 2020 Leadership Development Program

APT is organizing its Spring 2020 Leadership Development Program which is based on the core belief that leadership is a foundational skill that can be applied to improving all elements of society, whether social, political, professional, economical or cultural. This course will last two months from March to May, 2020 and will be taught by both national and international instructors.

If you are currently a university student in Kabul and interested in learning leadership skills, do not to miss the chance to fill the application.

By joining the program, you will be able to:

  • Learn the leadership principles critical to stepping up and creating change.
  • Describe a compelling vision for an alternative future.
  • Learn about Communication, Teamwork, Vision, and other core skills that great leaders must hold.

After processing the applications, we will select 30 best applicants for interview. Out of which, after a face-to-face interview at APT, 20 successful applicants will be selected for the course.

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