APT’s Elementary School – Mehrabonon (Kind People) – Love Does

Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT), in partnership with Love Does, a California based organization opened an elementary school in Mazar, a city in the Balkh province, in 2018. The school welcomed 60 children in need, of which 40 are girls, particularly those who have been displaced due to the conflict in the neighboring provinces of Balkh.

Afghanistan has experienced decades of war, civil unrest and natural disasters, which have taken a huge toll on the country. While the country has seen recent progress, millions still live in severe poverty, in a crumbling infrastructure. Around 39 percent of Afghans live below the poverty line. The Human Rights Watch estimates that three and a half million Afghan children are not in school, eighty-five percent of which are girls. Nearly half of all schools in the country do not have buildings and are often held outside in the elements or under tents.

At our school, the 60 children receive a full scholarship and we have managed to provide logistics such as clothes, stationaries, transportation, refreshment, and lunch to them. The teachers are utilizing the updated methods of teaching and use the curriculum that has been developed by our school We hope to provide this opportunity to many more children in need in the next coming years.

Mehrabanon School Pictures