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Badakhshan Debating Championship

Youth, as the active agents of change, have the potential to lead the country to a brighter and more inclusive future. APT, as a youth-led and youth-focused organization equips youth with the knowledge and skills to effectively take part in discussions and debate topical issues of the country.

On June 21 and 22, APT organized 2019 Badakhshan Debating Championship at Badakhshan University. Teams from Badakhshan University and Borna University competed in five debate rounds. The students debated Afghan elections, ongoing peace talks, women’s participation, youth’s role and rights. Four teams from Badakhshan University broke into the final round, which Mr. Munir Ahmad Parsa and Mr. Ghulam Sakhi Rasekh of Badakhshan University won the tournament championship while Ms. Mushtary Sabawoon was ranked as the First Best Speaker of the competition. In the meantime, Mr. Basharat Nazari, a veteran debater and adjudicator of APT’s judges’ community in Faizabad, was selected as the Best Adjudicator of 2019 Badakhshan Debating Championship

We congratulate all debaters for their accomplishments and wish them best luck in their debating career. We also appreciate the efforts of our volunteer and judges’ community in Badakhshan for their valuable contributions in the program, and Badakhshan University for hosting the competition. 

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