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Balkh Debating Championship

We at APT are highly committed to promote a culture of tolerance, pluralism, and respect for diversity through organizing debates and dialogues among university students where youth from different backgrounds get together in safe spaces to discuss their viewpoints on important contemporary issues.

Once again following its mission, APT successfully organized a Dari Full and Half-Day Debate Tournament on Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions, SDG 16 of the United Nations on 15th and 16th of June 2019 at Nokhbagan University. In this tournament, a number of excellent and outstanding debaters from Balkh, Nokhbagan and Mawlana Universities participated with a great enthusiasm. The atmosphere was amazing, and they made many new friends besides broadening their perspectives on different national and international topics. After competitively debating five rounds, Ms. Shahira Farhat and Ghezala Rahimi from Balkh University, received the championship awards, and Shabnam Hassanzada from Nokhbagan University became the best speaker.

APT thanks all the volunteers, judges, debaters, and Nokhbagan University personnel who made this event happen.

Stay with us to see these debaters with other youth from other provinces in the upcoming events!

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