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Kabul Inter-Varsity Debating Championship, 2019

We at APT are highly committed to promote a culture of tolerance, pluralism, and respect for diversity through organizing debates and dialogues among university students where youth from different backgrounds get together in safe spaces to discuss their viewpoints on important contemporary issues.

With that vision in mind, we organized our Dari Kabul Inter-Varsity Debating Championship 2019, which took place at Avicenna University and Professional Development Institute (PDI) of American University of Afghanistan on June 28 and 30, 2019. After their first debating tournament which was intimidating for these students, in this tournament, they came more confident and patient with a broader understanding of different national and international topics. Our debaters used this opportunity to improve their skills in a safe, fun and academic environment.

As a result of the tournament, Mr. Saifullah Atahi and Khujasta Daneshjo from Kabul University received the championship awards, and Mr. Yadullah Sukhanwar and Jawid Tawakuli became the runner up team. Furthermore, Mohammad Ferdaus Momand from Kabul University received the best speaker award, Mr. Shirshah Rahimi of Kabul University became the second best speaker and Yadullah Sukhanwar from Avicenna University became the third best speaker of the tournament. This is while Hamidullah Nadeem became the best judge of the tournament.

APT truly appreciates the assistance of the personnel of Avicenna University and PDI, our great volunteers, judges, debaters and all those who made this great event happen.

Remain alert to see these debaters and other youth from other provinces in the coming events!

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