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Debate Training at Kabul, Kabul Education, Bakhtar and Gharjistan Universites

Empowering youths for positive change in Afghan society!
APT helps youth concur their fear of public speaking and reasoning in groups and public and one of the tools we use to do that is recruiting new members to our debate clubs and organizing debate training for them.
On June 18th to 30th 2019, APT organized debate training to newly recruited students of Kabul, Kabul Education, Gharjistan and Bakhtar Universities. The newly recruited students learned the basic rules and format of debate. The training is aimed to enhance students’ critical thinking skills and developing logical arguments.
These new students will have the chance to participate in the upcoming Kabul Inter varsity Debate Tournaments where they can practice the new debating skills; they accomplished through these training.
We are always impressed by the number of applications; we receive in each round of recruiting new members at all our debate clubs. The selected members go through a process of shortlisting and in-person interview, which only a limited qualified students are granted membership in the debate clubs. If you are a student in these universities, interested to gain the membership of our debate club in your university and improve your debating skills, we highly encourage you to apply for the next round of recruitment.

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