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Exposure Trip to India

Soraya Azimi, A student of Law faculty, shared her excitement after her return from APT’s exposure trip to India:

“Excitement could be seen all over my face after traveling to India, especially as this was my first trip out of the country.  I was excited to experience a new environment, to meet new people whose beliefs and culture are quite different from ours.  I have no idea about India before. The day we got to Delhi, I found it a quiet and peaceful city. People were behaving kindly and were ready to help us at all time, and that makes you feel like you are home. This is what I loved most about Delhi and India.

Becoming a delegate at the 13th Global Youth Peace Fest 2018, representing Afghans for Progressive Thinking (APT), was a great opportunity to learn different things and to explore the beautiful city of Chandigarh. During the three days of the GYPF 2018, I learned about networking with people from around the world. I was in a large group of people with different ideas, discussing global issues, and this helped me to learn about tolerance and respect. I defended women’s right, I marched for peace, and I understood the real meaning of peace and peacebuilding. The very first thing I learned on the first day of the program from the delegates and leaders was the importance to contribute to your society, serve others, your family, your nation and humankind. No matter whether you get something in return or not, there will always be one thing in return and that is a peaceful mind, a peaceful life, and a peaceful society. We can start with small actions and the first one may not be a big one, but for sure it will affect at least a small number of people. If we have a chance to change someone’s life for the better, then it is not fair to delay it.  GYPF 2018 was one of the greatest programs I have ever experienced. All the things I learned there are enriching my soul and my mind that words can’t express it well. Now I have good friends from different countries of Asia and I am committed to working for my country’s peace and, as I mentioned, if I know that I can change someone’s life for better, I won’t delay it. Saying goodbye to the GYPF and all those amazing people were hard for us. But we were excited about another incredible experience, and that was visiting Taj Mahal.  It was about people coming from different part of India and the world to only see this majestic view of love.  This made Taj Mahal so unique and special in the area. More than being a symbol of love, Taj Mahal was a symbol of diversity. APT is the reason that this amazing journey happened. All APT’s programs teach something very important and it is up to the people to learn as much as we can with every experience. I got the most benefit out of this four-day trip. The special part for me was that I got the chance to know my partners to the very depth, making incredible experience together with all the learning and fun, and building strong friendships. Thanks to APT for their trust and contribution to society. All efforts will pay off one day and APT is getting the result of their hard work.”

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