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Fall 2019 Leadership Development Social Projects

The students of APT’s 2019 Fall Leadership Development Program were divided into two groups after completing the leadership program at APT to implement their social services of servant leadership.
The first group implemented their social project called “Impossible to Possible” at Professional School of Blinds in Kabul on 19th November 2019.
There were over 25 Participants from the school in the event. The participants were taught by APT’s Leadership Students on Servant Leadership, goal setting, self-awareness and achieving goals in life. Furthermore, the event was designed in a way to give the students the feeling that they are not less than others. They are forgotten, but as other Afghans, they also can play an important role in the development of Afghanistan.
As the winter is approaching, and the weather is getting cold, on November 23, 2019 the second group of APT’s Leadership Development Program called Next Generation Leaders with the slogan “Leaders are helpers” went on the streets of Kabul and distributed packages of hats, gloves and scarves to children and poor elders on the streets to keep them warm during the cold days of winter and bring a warm and long lasting smile into their faces.
We would like to thank all the members of these two groups for the social services they have done.

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