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Samangan Debating Championship

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On 6th of July 2018, APT organized Samangan Intervarsity Debating Championship. More than 130 debaters, observers, volunteers and adjudicators from Samangan, Loqman and Moulana universities participated in SIDC 2018.

• Hasibullah Shaiq and Sohaila Nabizada got the championship awards.
• Ajazullhaq hashimi of Samangan University was tilted as the Best Speaker
• Ramin Mansoori Was elected as the best Adjudicator of the tournament.

APT appreciates time and devotion of the adjudicators, volunteers, and organizers of SIDC2018 and recognizes Moulana University for providing the venue of the event. Our appreciation goes to Ahmad Reshad Ghiasi for taking these wonderful pictures.

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