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Leadership Development Program

APT always helps youth and children by providing them the platform where youth and children can learn and share ideas and skills. The leadership students of APT implemented the social project on Servant Leadership called “One Nation One Mission “in Allauddin Orphanage on 10th June, 2019. The team presented different presentations to the students of orphanage to enhance their leadership skills like forgiveness, goal sitting and motivation. In addition to that, the students were involved in activities, where they were provided with story books, notebooks and pens for promoting the culture of reading among them and believing that these children are the active agents of our society who in future would promote this culture in the society as well. The aim of this project was to give the orphans hope, vision and to bring smile into the faces of those who have lost their loved ones. The participants showed a very high interest in what they were taught. We really appreciate their enthusiasm and active participation.

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