Round Tables and Open House

Our open programs include roundtables and lectures often led by subject matter experts on key socio-political, socio-economic and socio-cultural challenges in Afghanistan and open the floor to discussions, questions and reflections from the participants. This exercise provides the participants with an opportunity to engage with multiple perspectives on important issues and build informed opinions. These events will be advertised on APT’s website and Facebook page in advance. Students who would like to organize roundtable discussions at their universities and wish to partner with APT must contact us directly


National Youth Jirga

On 6 November 2019, APT successfully organized National Youth Jirga in which 74 (27 female and 47 male) active young representatives from 33 provinces of Afghanistan participated. Participants were divided into eight committees, Democracy, Governance, Women & Politics, Economy, Education, Strong Institutions, Gender Equality and Youth & Politics, to share the challenges and recommendations regarding Afghan Youth involvement on peace process and Afghanistan after a peace agreement. There was one volunteer mentor in each committee to monitor and guide the team.

On the day of Jirga, participants were given a brief presentation on the structure of the Jirga and then they were given a specific timeframe to share their thoughts individually and in an open Jirga to decide on the situation, challenges and recommendations related to the themes of their committees, which they later presented to the judges as a team. In the afternoon, a university professor had a brief presentation on the main points of policy briefs and how policy briefs are drafted. Then they worked on structuring their policy briefs and also each committee was given 5 minutes to present their policy in front of a panel of judges, a university professor, two government officials and an APT representative. After each presentation, 2 minutes were given to each team to defend why the presented policy was the best and to answer the panel’s questions regarding the presentation.

Following the Jirga’s eight presentations, the Democracy Committee and Good Governance Committee were selected as best policy briefs among eight presentations by a panel of judges. At the end, the panel of judges delivered their speeches and appreciated Afghans for Progressive Thinking for providing such a unique opportunity to Afghan Youth from across the country to build a network and also share their thoughts and perspective on the peace process and Afghanistan after the peace agreement. The policy briefs will be presented to national and international guests on the Press Conference which will take place in December 2019.