APT organizes debate training and tournaments in partnership with universities in Kabul, Mazar, Herat, Faizabad, and Samangan. During debates, students develop skills in logical argumentation and persuasive articulation of ideas which aim at provoking reflection and fostering critical analysis of mainstream perspectives and assumptions. Students also have an opportunity to engage constructively with diametrically opposed views and beliefs, which will help them develop the capacity to look at the world through the eyes of the ‘other’. Students who want to participate in APT debate programs and wish to establish debate clubs at their respective universities must contact us for more information.

Young Peace Builders Award

Young Peace Builders Award is given every year to 3 – 4 prominent Afghan Youths who have contributed greatly to the culture of tolerance, openness, and peacebuilding. APT has been one of the Youth-lead Organization in Asia who has been part of the advocacy team for the 2250 resolution on Youth, Peace, and Security that has been adopted by Security Council of United Nations in 2015. This is the first ever document that recognizes the positive role of youth in peace and security. As part of our efforts in the localization of this resolution, APT initiated the Award of Young Peace Builders in Afghanistan


Every year, APT organizes a number of leadership development courses which focus on the character and competency of a leader. These sessions will equip and prepare students to exercise leadership in their communities and develop the necessary skills to become effective influencers in the Afghan society. Leadership courses are held both in English and Dari and taught in an interactive setting by experts and professionals from Afghanistan and abroad. Upcoming leadership sessions will be announced in advance on APT’s website and Facebook page.

International Exposure

Via international exposure trips, APT creates the space for different people to build strong interpersonal relationships. Students from different backgrounds who hardly know each other spend ten days together in a foreign land where they are all treated equally, have a common goal, participate in non-competitive activities, and have one leader.  In addition, students who travel abroad interact with people whom they have hardly had previous direct contact. They develop friendships with these people as well, broadening their understanding of diversity. Through this program, APT contributes to building an Afghanistan where inclusion of minorities, women, and out-groups are not only accepted but also appreciated. Only students who have taken part in our other programs are eligible to participate in the international exposure trips.

Media Talk Show

APT partners with a number of local and national radio and TV stations to provide opportunities for our members to share and discuss their thoughts and reflections with the general public. Through this program, students have the chance to engage in open and constructive dialogues on important contemporary issues. Our media talk shows include topics such as democracy and human rights, elections and governance, corruption and rule of law, education, development and societal change. Students who are interested in participating in our media programs should contact us for more information.

Roundtables and Open house

Our open programs include roundtables and lectures often led by subject matter experts on key socio-political, socio-economic and socio-cultural challenges in Afghanistan and open the floor to discussions, questions and reflections from the participants. This exercise provides the participants with an opportunity to engage with multiple perspectives on important issues and build informed opinions. These events will be advertised on APT’s website and Facebook page in advance. Students who would like to organize roundtable discussions at their universities and wish to partner with APT must contact us directly