Provincial Debate Tournament

In the status quo, debate is an essential tool for developing and maintaining democracy and open societies in Afghanistan. Therefore, APT in partnership with universities in Kabul, Mazar, Herat, Faizabad, Kandahar, Nangarhar and Samangan organizes tournaments for debaters to come together, discuss, share and exchange their views in a peaceful manner with other fellow debaters, no matter if the views are the same or different. During these debate tournaments students develop debating skills, logical argumentation and persuasive articulation of ideas which aim at provoking reflection and fostering critical analysis of mainstream perspectives and assumptions. In addition, debate tournaments help students to develop social maturity. Along with the competitive prospect of losing or winning, debaters learn manners and proper behavior. In the tournaments, students also have the opportunity to engage constructively with completely opposed views and beliefs, which help them develop the capacity to look at the world through the eyes of ‘others’. Moreover, students who want to take part in APT’s debate programs and wish to establish debate clubs at their respective universities must contact us for more information.