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Our Stories

Mr. Shamsulhaq Sadiqi

Mr. Sadiqi, a student of Kabul University, shares his experience after graduating from our leadership class:

“Afghanistan has experienced war. We are the responsible people to bring peace bring prosperity back to our country and rebuild our country. I believe for that we need leaders. Therefore, before joining APT, I was in pursue of a good leadership class so that I could learn about leadership and become a leader and that was my only goal. Luckily, I heard about an organization APT and its leadership course. I applied and I was selected and I reached to my goal. Before joining the class, all my goal was to learn about leadership and I was not very open person – I could not easily make friends who were different from me and to be honest I was so biased toward others. When I entered the leadership class everything changed. In our class I saw students from difference background and tribes. We became close friends gradually, and there was no discrimination among us. This really touched my heart. In addition, we have leaned many valuable lesion that I was not aware of that before joining the class. We learned about integrity, NVC, confidence, flict transformation, vision, empowering others to lead, setting goals and etc. I was also a judgmental person, this class help me to not judge people but understand them. Last but not least, we were divided into groups. Our each group did a project that we committed to work for eradication of illiteracy in Afghanistan. Our group did unbelievable job with less resources. It was just because of APT’s hard work. APT has changed my life, build up my confidence and taught me new things about leadership.”

Mr. Reza Akbari

Mr. Akbari, studying Psychology in Kabul University shares about the impact of our open event on occasion of International Day of Peace:

“First of all, I would like to thank and appreciate APT for hosting such events on account of celebrating the international day of peace. It was really unforgettable and memorable day for me. Through the international day of peace with facilitating of Mr. Naderi, I learned many things especially about the differences of 3 decades ago and comparing those differences with now. Mr. Naderi revitalized those poor days. He said whatever the situation may be, there is always something nice to be thankful for even during your worst days there is something positive that happens during that day so appreciate those nice moments and enjoy the life. Through the speeches of Mr. Naderi, I learned many things like appreciating some small things that have encouraged me to get a promising step for changing myself. In our social life, there are always negative and positive things but how beautiful it will be if we divert our focus to those small positive things and appreciate them. I think concentrating on those positive things can cause us to remain positive under duress. Finding solutions is part of the test and must be respected in our career.


Mr.s Nazo Khiali,

Mother of three sons, from Khost living in Kabul, shared her impact story with us after listening to this radio program:

It was a big challenge for me to give my neighbors awareness about the violence extremism issues, but thanks to god that I found this radio program. I could share it with my neighbors to listen to, which conveyed the messages of peaceful life, and it talked about violent extremism issues. This radio program also taught me so many lessons having to do with moderation in families and violent extremism groups. I also learned how to give lessons to my children about the consequence of violence.

Mrs. Zarmina

Mother of one son and one daughter, from the Baghlan province, shared her experience with us after listening to the radio program:

Through this radio program, I learned many things. I learned about taking care of our children to not to use violence at homes or in society, about paying attention to their education, and about the use of moderation at home and in society. I learned that ignorance and poverty bring much more violence at homes and the best way to struggle for a brighter future is educating our children.


Mr. Abdul Baset Hamid

 Mr. Basit, a senior student at the English Literature Faculty of Balkh University, shares his debating experience with us:

“Life is full of memories, whether good or unpleasant. The much more beautiful of those memories are to become pleasant stories which you are willing to spread all around. One of those memorable days which I am willing to write about is the days of Afghan for Progressive Thinking organization’s debating championship. This provincial event which was held by APT has had a significant impact on my attitudes and the way that I think. Therefore, I see it as something worthy to be shared. I have been increasing my knowledge and developing my abilities since I was enrolled at university. All my knowledge and understanding were somewhat limited until two years ago, when I was introduced to APT and its became involved in their activities. I found this organization working for youth development. Development is interpreted here as being open in accepting new ideas and spreading out the culture of openness. I was really looking forward to participating in the debate championship. My first debate was fair and I had some achievements. I then continued to debate and to develop my debating skills. My partner and I finally became champions in the last tournament. Using all my skills in the last debating championship brought an acceptable result for me and I am proud of it. I am sending my best wishes to APT and to its kind coordinators and volunteers who make such beneficial events like debating championships happen. Since starting to debate, I have magnificently changed in a positive way. Now I can share my ideas and talk to my peers, teachers, and family with strong confidence.”

Ms. Marhaba Qadis

Senior student of Law and Political Science at Balkh University shares her debating experience with us:

I started going to the trainings of debating which were being set up by APT (Afghanistan for Progressive Thinking) while I was studying the 4th semester of college and while I was still thinking of my future; how it could be as I wished? How can I be admitted in beneficial parts of the society`s affairs? Tamana Farewar, my close friend and my classmate, asked to join APT’s debate trainings. As she is a well-known girl for being active in those affairs, then just I trusted her and went ahead. Now I am almost that one I was looking for.

Debating framework made my speeches hearable. We all know that the more we shorten our speeches in a short period of time and the key words, the more we`ll be able to reach our words in a good manner. Debating caused me meet different people with the different ideologies, because that helps us coordinate and communicate for a relationship. Every word we explicit will have positive comments and negative ones as well. We as human being should find this logic and let anybody to express what they want and what they need indeed. Debating logic follows this law of life and says “Each other acceptance culture will work if you want to proceed your life as fine as you wish and being rude is not the solution.” Also, standing against people or by the people to reject or accept an idea needs dare and courage. Debating rules made me say with myself let`s break the ice you made to yourself!

All in all, I confess that debating did bring lots of changes in my social life and personal life as well. Such as; understanding my speeches in a good way possible, communicating for exchanging useful information, getting known yourself to the key ranking people around you, accepting each other`s word as humans are respectable to state their needs even if it was against of ours and finally enhancing courage of public speaking. Hope this chance meet everybody to debate once and experience it.

Ms. Sahema Noori

Senior student of English Literature at Kahkashan-e-Sharq University in Herat shares her story of debating career with us:

My name is Sahema noori, and I am 24 years old. A senior student of English Literature at Kahkeshan-e-Sharq University. I think it was April 10, 2018 when first heard about APT and the programs which were held by APT. I was interested in participating, so I participated (for the first time) at APT debate program. APT has changed many things in my life. I was such a shy person who was afraid to be in contact with other people, but I can see myself a more social person.

It made me a more patient person. Now I can endure different ideas. Now it is not only me to say the right thing, there are many others with better ideas than mine. Cooperation was another thing that I got from APT family, working in groups, sharing ideas, and so on. By APT debate program, I have met many people from different fields and different universities with different viewpoints and now I can call my friends. Positive thinking and being optimistic about future of Afghanistan were the things I gained by seeing active and energetic youths of different provinces; it made me hopeful for a better Afghanistan. I am so thankful to APT for its efforts and for making this opportunity for us in order to gain and promote tolerance, openness and respect. It is a big honor to be part of APT.