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How Did We Send the First Ever Youth Representative to the United Nations in 2018?

APT invests in youth and empower them as the new leaders to positively impact this country and practice leadership in different capacities. From Afghanistan to the United Nations – Afghan youth need to be heard.

Since 2013, APT as a member of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders, (UNOY) a Hague-based organization, has traveled to the United Nations with the UNOY numerous times, spoke in different events at UNSC and advocated for the resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace, Security which was fortunately passed by the United Nations Security Council in December 2015.  This resolution encourages UN member states to include youth in decision-making processes.

Since then, APT worked to localize this resolution in Afghanistan. Ministry of Information and Culture, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Economy, and our international partners such as UNOY and embassies of democratic countries in Kabul played key roles to support us in our endeavors.

In 2018, we worked on a new initiative: select the first ever Youth Representative to the UN!

In May 2015, APT in collaboration with the Netherlands Embassy in Kabul designed a program to select the first-ever Afghan Youth Representative to the UN.   Through a rigorous competition process among 60 youth applicants who competed in public speaking events, Ramiz Bakhtiar became the finalist and was elected as the Youth Representative to the UN in 2018. The Netherlands Embassy initiated and sponsored the program, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNAMA supported us as well.

The Afghan Youth Representative addressed world leaders whose words were covered by the international media. Global community heard that Afghans strive for peace, and that war is not our choice. The Youth Representative was a model and an example of millions of other youth who are working hard in Afghanistan to create a stable, inclusive, and peaceful society.

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