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APT organized The Navroze Intervarsity debate tournament in Balkh

APT organized The Navroze Intervarsity English debate tournament in Balkh province on March, 3, 2017. University students from Maulana, Aria, Rahnaward, Ibne Sina, Balkh Educational, and Balkh universities participated in the tournament. Our debate program teaches students to increase their ability to think critically, to listen respectfully to different opinions and present their own thoughts based on logic and evidence. Listening respectfully to different opinions is a significant part of a culture of peace.

We thank the Rahnaward Institute of Higher Education for hosting our tournament. We appreciate the time of all our judges and volunteers to attend our event and run our tournament. Our appreciation goes to all debaters and our debate team in Kabul and Balkh for taking the challenge on and promoting a culture of tolerance, openness and respect through debate.

Nawroz debate tournament

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