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APT’s 4th Annual National Debate Tournament has been conducted successfully!

APT’s 4th Annual National Debate Tournament went very well! Thanks to 100 debaters and 15 judges from 16 public and private universities and 50 guests from Badakhshan, Samangan, Herat, Balkh, and Kabul for their participation! The event started with an opening ceremony, followed by 2 full days of debate rounds, and a successful closing ceremony in Kabul Serena Hotel. After seven rounds of debate in the Main Debating Category two, young women from Nukhbagan Universty of Mazar Sharef, Nelofar Ahmad and Farman Enayat, became champions.In the Expert Category, Abdul Rahman and Marzia Azizi form AUAF became champions. The best speaker award went to Edris Tawakol from Herat University and best adjudicator award to Ali Juma from AUAf. In the closing ceremony we had the honor of having Fawzia Kofi, Parliament Member; and Dr. Hamidullah Farooqi, Kabul University Dean and Advisor to the President of Afghanistan; Mr. Alwai, Alama Univeristy Dean; and Deputy Dean of Karwan University along with other distinguished guests.

Our sincere appreciation goes to Karwan University for providing us space and to all our members, and volunteers who made this important annual event successful! Special thanks to Wahab Qurishi and our entire debate team and their dedicated leadership!

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