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Elites Inter-varsity Debate Tournament

We are very thrilled to share the memories and result of our Elites Inter-varsity Debate Tournament with you!

Following its mission of promoting a culture of tolerance and openness, APT organized Elites Inter-varsity Debate Tournament. The sole purpose of this tournament was to enhance the critical thinking and debating skills of those students who recently joined the debate community.

We were very delighted to host a number of immensely talented debaters from five universities; Avicenna, Kardan, Kabul, PDI and Polytechnic, in this tournament. After three splendid rounds of debate, four best teams broke to finals.

As the result, after a unanimous decision by the panel, a team from Kabul University; Ms. Zainab Amirzai and Mr. Rahid Amin became the champions. It is worth mentioning that Ms. Zainab Amirzai won the Best Speaker’s title as well.

We congratulate the champions, the teams which broke to finals, and all other teams for showing their utmost dedication and commitment to debate, by participating in this tournament. Moreover, we would like to show our gratitude to our distinguished judges and team of volunteers for assisting us in making it a magnificent and memorable event.

APT’s main goal is promotion of a culture of respect among youth, especially university students. For this, it organizes different programs especially debate. This tournament proved that APT is soon to accomplish its mission, because these university students showed their highest level respect to different ideas.

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