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First session of Leadership Course Organized with cooperation of Institute for Leadership Development (ILD)

Afghans for Progressive Thinking, in partnership with Institute for Leadership Development, completed a two-month leadership course which commenced on April 10, 2016 and lasted until May 31, 2016. A number of 40 male and female students from private and public universities of Kabul, attended this course.
APT taught “Servant Leadership,” a leadership model in which the leader values service above a desire for power.13315458_1210262772341457_3417702155517234807_n 13315501_1210264142341320_4397229058333570099_n 13319872_1210262352341499_2750574196791394102_n 13335635_1210263929008008_7686317542670596497_n 13346563_1210264025674665_7829287430753465597_n

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