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Kabul Intervarsity Debating Championship

On August 10 and 11, APT organized Kabul Intervarsity Debating Championship. Forty teams from ten different Kabul-based universities entered to competitive rounds of debate which in the English category, Mr. Ali Sajjad Mawlawi and Mr. Mahboob Wafaee from Kateb University won the championship, and Mr. Mustafa Dawar of PDI was ranked as the Best Speaker of the tournament. In the Persian category, Ms. Monira Abed from Avicenna University was ranked as the Best Speaker while sharing the championship award with Ms. Zarmina Fedawi.

We appreciate the efforts of our great team of volunteers and adjudicators. Our appreciations also go to Kabul University for hosting the tournament. Congratulations to all debaters for their accomplishments. APT wish them best luck in their debating journey ahead. As always, thanks to our good friend, Nasir Faizy for capturing these moments.

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