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Leadership & Conflict Resolution Training

A 3- day conflict resolution sessions connected to APT leadership training course conducted to a group of 20 (7 female & 13 Male) students through APT in Kabul during 14-17th of May. The students came from Kabul University, Kabul Education University, Prof. Rabani Education University, Mashall University and Afghanistan University.


Overall goal of the training
To enhance the level of the understanding of university students in regard to conflict resolution/peacebuilding so that they could use it in their daily lives.

At the end of the training students are able to:

  • Look to themselves as leaders with peaceful characteristics
  • Explore that conflict is part of their lives so that they could manage and transform the differences in a positive way
  • Discover that judging upon perception create further conflict.
  • Explore and apply a constructive and win-win negotiation
  • Learn about the concept of violence so that could be aware of their selves role in applying violence
  • Discover the concept of peace with its dimensions
  • Learn about none-violence and apply it in none-violent civic movements in the future


A range of teaching methodologies were employed throughout the training. They included presentations to explain new information and ideas; plenary discussions to obtain participants views and opinions; brain storming, questioning/answering to enable participants to work with one another, role-plays; contextualized practical exercises, local community-based case studies and individual writing exercises and reflection on the topics. Teaching methods took into account the special needs of participants including their ability to understand difficult concepts and the desire to engage participants in a rewarding learning experience. All material was customized to the adult learning context. Students learned through learning by doing as they were engaged in the process of learning.
18486273_805839776238565_2783159308720490354_nStudents during discussing a case-study related to negotiation session, 15th May, 2017

Students’ reflection on training sessions

  • One student expressed her views saying the training and the topics are so relevant their needs and daily lives. We didn’t learn such relevant topics in university even we memorizing many chapters. But within such short period of time, I learned from the topic of conflict and deference in views that the society doesn’t acknowledge this, rather everyone tries to impose his/her own ideas on to other side resulting fragility of the soviet losing connection.
  • I learned we all are dependent with each other at family, community, and society, and country, regional and worldwide levels. In case there is any tension all the system is being effected negatively. There is no winner in conflicting and tension situation.
  • I learned that conflict is part of the life and is natural, so appreciating the views of others give us a comprehensive views. I also discovered we all are leaders as we all think about the change. So I try to change myself first and then change others.
  • I was exposed to many good topics, but mainly what I learned from this training it is about negotiation skill unfortunately it is missing at all levels of family, social and political life in my country. I learned how to negotiate from a need perspective rather on taking position against the other side of the conflict.
  • Through exercises, I learned we have to put ourselves in a position of the other side. I learned it is not always true to see things from the way we look at so it is totally wrong.


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