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Leadership Development Program 2019

Afghans for Progressive Thinking Leadership Development Program 2019.

The Students of APT implemented the social project on Servant Leadership called “Leaders are Dreamers “in Sayed Jamaluddin Teacher Training College on 19, May 2019.
There were 50 participants from English Literature faculty of the mentioned college. Students have presented the values, servant leadership and goal setting process.
The program started with a warm welcome by Safia Amiri and Naheed Sharifi. Later on, Zahra presented her presentation regarding values and taught it through several activities and useful handouts.
Then, Safia Amiri gave general information about servant leadership and put it in practice through leadership activities (Ex: Puzzles activity).

In the end, Naheed clarified the goal-setting process and presented it through a handout. Finally, they were gifted by leadership books called and notebooks.

Participants showed a very high interest in what they were taught. We really appreciate their enthusiasm and active participation.

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