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On Sept 14 – 2015, APT organized “Bayan” Debate Tournament at Badakhshan

On Sept 14 – 2015, APT organized “Bayan” Debate Tournament in Agriculture Faculty of Badakhshan University with students from Literature, Law, Economics, Social Sciences, Agriculture, Science and Journalism faculties of Badakhshan University participating. Students debated in two preliminary rounds as a result of which sixteen students progressed to the Semi-Finals before eight of them became the Finalists. Two students from Science Faculty, Azizullah and Nazr Khuda emerged as Champions of the tournament. Meanwhile, Fareed Ahmad from Social Sciences was titled as the best speaker of the tournament. The tournament concluded with an award ceremony in which we acknowledged the Champions, 10 Top Speakers and Finalists of the tournament. APT appreciated the efforts of Badakhshan University administration for providing the venue and presented them with a token of gratitude.

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