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Panel Discussion, June, 2019

APT works to empower women of different levels in the society. On June 25th 2019, APT held a panel discussion on “How to counter violent extremism & dissuade children from joining violent extremist groups”. In the panel, APT had two guest speakers Mrs. Qudsia Raheen AWN advocacy manager and Mr. Asadullah Saeed, director of Raheyane Saadat. In this panel, 62 women and 8 men from different levels of the society participated. 

In first part of the panel the two guest speakers talked about a variety of issues such as “Violent extremism, roots of VE, internal and external factors of VE, how to counter VE in the families & society, how to dissuade children from joining VE, root cause of children joining VE groups, Suggestions for mothers & families to raise healthy children and counter VE. In the second part of the panel, APT team distributed papers for the participants to write the best policy for countering VE.

The participants wrote policies about the ways through which families and society can counter violent extremism. In addition to that, the stage was given to the audience to explain their policy papers regarding countering VE. Among the audience, 2 girls and one woman explained their policy paper and finally, Nazira Hafizi one of the participants received the best policy certificate from the panel.

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